Your world and mine.

All the toxicity I solely contain, your oceans aren’t enough in to drown, All the havoc i harbour does not kneel to your crown.

The blackness in my Monochrome flashbacks cannot be washed away by your colorless rain, You smile the whole time and let people force you in thier psychological chains.

You were meant to follow you big dreams atop the constellation of all the stars, And here you are holding your tears and hugging your self forged prison bars.

Wish me luck that could atleast die without the permission of these mortal hypocrites, No matter what you do with my body bury me like an evidance or burn me like a wood in ones final rits.

Alas i will leave this world of a single soul mate and people with two faces, A hungry pack of cards with more jokers than aces.

-Pranay Shrimali


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