I’ll be your audience till the kingdom come.

​”I haven’t felt that kind of rush in a while, My imbecile heart hasn’t pushed blood in those arteries for a long time now, its chocked from all the residues of the time long gone. 

My arteries are those rusted dry tunnel which leads only to deserted ruins; i am beyond saving…” i said describing my hopeless situation.
She turned towards me and said “you won’t be doing it alone, i promise you that” in her soothing voice. “And you think you can undo all this mess,  and some how join me back again? ” i said, doubting the possibility of any light at the end of tunnel. 

she then kneeled as she wore her ghungaroos, gently placed her hair strands behind her ear, standing up with her golden eyes gazing upon me; taking her stance.

 “Watch me!!

 Ever thought how a water Dam feels when it’s shattered like a windowglass by the  flow of a colossal river inside out, that’s what i’am feeling right now..
-Pranay Shrimali


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